Marketing / Storytelling

Marketing your business and products is crucial to the success of a business. Northern Light Virtual Services can help you with promoting your brand. Get your marketing underway by simply contacting us with a brief outline of your needs. You’ll receive a free consultation and personalised marketing strategy to deliver your marketing objectives. To find out more about our marketing services please send e-mail to

 Websearch / Big Data

With millions of corporate websites, how are you going to manage your business and stay informed of the latest business proposals, products and services on the internet? Websearch is a customized web monitoring service which gives you all the necessary information from the internet without spending any of your time. We can constantly scan the internet for you, strictly to your specification. Anything related to your business, study or research: trade leads, announcements, competitors’ websites and advertisement, business opportunities,information resources, studies and reports, etc. We offer a monthly subscription of € 50.--, plus € 0.50 for each article of your interest delivered to you. Please ask for more detailed information at

Virtual Office Support / Web Services / Web Design

Northern Light Virtual Services has a very broad experience in setting up and organizing management offices and secretariats. With our assistance you can exactly create the office process you need. Some secretarial duties which we can provide are:

  • producing memos, letters, invoices, minutes, graphics and spreadsheets
  • office set-up
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • answering telephone calls
  • meeting visitors
  • database management
  • looking after the office diary
  • arranging meetings, seminars or conferences
  • maintaining filing systems and office supplies
  • supervising the work of junior administrative staff
  • setting up tele-, web- and video-conferencing
  • event & conference management
  • webdesign

Some of these duties can be done from our office, whatever you prefer. For more information please send e-mail to

 International Recruitment

Globalisation brings recruitment across frontiers. The employment market, working conditions, level of remuneration and local legislation are aspects where an in-depth knowledge of the country concerned is essential. Northern Light Virtual Services uses its own advanced methodology for defining the assignment and for assessing candidates. Our approach is based on profiling the competences required to perform the job. We use structured briefing and checklist techniques to define competences, and so create a unique “blueprint” of the person who best matches the needs of the job and is most likely to succeed in it. For more detailed information, please send e-mail to

Minutes and Transcriptions

Northern Light Virtual Services offers onsite minute secretary services for businesses and management boards.

These include:
• impartial board-level minute taking
• preparation of agendas, action and resolution registers
• circulation of board and minute papers

Minutes can be taken using teleconferencing software as well as from recordings. For the Minutes and Transcription Service we need your request for reservation at least 6 working days before the meeting or conference call takes place. You will receive the text document by e-mail. If you would like to obtain a personalised and obligation free quote please contact us at


Our language services extend beyond translation and can be fitted to your exact needs. We make use of a so-called translation memory which builds up a client’s translation database and speeds up translation of subsequent documents. The cost savings will be passed on to you. We maintain a strict confidentiality policy and will sign a non-disclosure agreement if required.

At your request we will provide a free quote based on the quantity of the work. Please, contact us for a free quote at